Pitok Exhibition 2022



September 22, 2022 10:00 am


September 27, 2022 5:00 pm


Step into the world of pitok. The inaugural pitok solo exhibition!

The exhibition will run from Thu Sep 22 – Tue Sep 27.

I have setup a gofundme campaign to cover costs, including gallery hire, art supplies and materials, opening night food, drinks and performers. Feel free to contribute if you would like to support me as a creative. https://gofund.me/015fc83b

The launch event for the evening will be on Sat 24 Sep, 6pm-12am. More info here.

Pitok (Jay) is a visual artist based in Sydney’s inner west. Having graduated from UNSW Art & Design (formerly COFA), they have worked professionally as a graphic designer and have more recently began creating personal works using a variety of mediums including gouache, textiles, wood panels and print.

Through the imagery of rope bondage, and still life composition, their recent works, “The Ties That Bind” explores the reflective process of peeling off layers of identity, looking at the baggage we carry and making a conscious decision on what to let go of as we move towards a closer alignment with our authentic self.

The works contrast danger and beauty, restriction and support, pain and pleasure and generally how deeply interwoven our formative experiences are, both positive and traumatic.

Pitok draws inspiration from a variety of sources including, Australian modernist painters like Margaret Preston, Japanese woodblock prints, tattoo art, commercial packaging design and kink culture.

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