The Hierophant

Gouache on wood



The hierophant is one of those cards that when it comes up, it’s highly problematic for me. It represents established beliefs, and following an authoritative figure or group who can help you understand wisdom through tradition and practice. It often represents more masculine energy. I bring a lot of baggage to this card, which I’m still in the process of working through. There’s nothing wrong with wisdom found in tradition or with finding like minded communities that foster a sense of belonging. However, it’s important to move through these spaces with discernment and to trust your own intuition. Inverted the card represents moving from following an external source, to an internal one, trusting your own beliefs, knowledge, wisdom and practices. What can you learn from your your own core beliefs?


Pitok Exhibition 2022

Step into the world of pitok. The inaugural pitok solo exhibition! The exhibition will run from Thu Sep 22 – Tue Sep 27, at M2 Gallery, Surry Hills.