Gouache on wood



The 1st of September is National Wattle Day and has been proposed as one option for an alternate Australia Day. Wattle has long served as an Australian symbol inspiring our national colours of green and gold as well as an alternate national flag (featured on the beer label) which shifts the focus away from our ties to an empire, to our ties with this land. On such an important day, we celebrate as Aussies do, by sharing a quiet beer as we emerge from winter into the optimism of spring. We’re mindful that everything is for a season, generation to generation, today, tomorrow, yesterday.

Hanafuda is a Japanese card game featuring 12 suits based on the months of the year. Each suit has a feature plant or flower which tracks the flow of nature through the passing seasons.

While living in Japan, John (pitok) was struck by how people took the time to intentionally notice the slow changes in nature, and consciously be present in each experience as it came and went. Each month brought a new flower, a new festival, different ways to connect with one another, and the world around them.

Living in the Aussie ‘burbs, pitok decided to spend more intentional time reflecting on the everpresent, everchanging natural world and his ties to it.


Pitok Exhibition 2022

Step into the world of pitok. The inaugural pitok solo exhibition! The exhibition will run from Thu Sep 22 – Tue Sep 27, at M2 Gallery, Surry Hills.