Gouache on wood



The impending end of year comes into view as we approach December. After the rains, Sturt’s Desert Pea grows and blooms, the national symbol of South Australia. The flower is also referred to as the ‘Flower of Blood’, symbolising death. It’s not all bad news, as the next year is ready to burst forth. The cassowary the most ancient of Australian birds, linking back to prehistoric times, is a lasting reminder that there is the continuity of life, in all death there is rebirth.

Hanafuda is a Japanese card game featuring 12 suits based on the months of the year. Each suit has a feature plant or flower which tracks the flow of nature through the passing seasons.

While living in Japan, John (pitok) was struck by how people took the time to intentionally notice the slow changes in nature, and consciously be present in each experience as it came and went. Each month brought a new flower, a new festival, different ways to connect with one another, and the world around them.

Living in the Aussie ‘burbs, pitok decided to spend more intentional time reflecting on the everpresent, everchanging natural world and his ties to it.


Pitok Exhibition 2022

Step into the world of pitok. The inaugural pitok solo exhibition! The exhibition will run from Thu Sep 22 – Tue Sep 27, at M2 Gallery, Surry Hills.